Make it Open Schooling MOOC

Would you like to learn more about Open Schooling and the Maker Movement’s ideas and pedagogy? Join this online course and learn how the Open Schooling approach to teaching and learning can be integrated into your teaching – particularly science education – and be coupled with Maker pedagogy.

The course will also provide tips on how to engage external experts and local stakeholders in your Open Schooling educational activity.


In the Make it Open Schooling MOOC, participants will:

  • Introduce participants to Open Schooling (OS), Maker pedagogy, as well as Inquiry-Based Learning and help them understand how they can be integrated in their educational activities.
  • Empower teachers with a new methodology and support its use via the creation of an engaged community.
  • Introduce the Navigator as well as the other ready to use materials created within Make it Open and guide participants to their use.
  • Provide a detailed guide (and concrete examples) for the creation of an Open Schooling LS and/or education activity.
  • Promote the Make it Open (MiO) project and its outcomes (the Navigator, the Hubs, etc.) as tools to empower teachers and educators.
  • Create a network of teachers/educators familiar with and enthusiastic about Open Schooling.

Date and registration

The course will be held online from 9 January to 15 February 2023, with an estimated workload of 20 hours.

If you are a primary or secondary school teacher, Science teacher, curriculum designer or non-formal education professional who wants to put schools at the heart of the local community, register here: Make it Open Schooling | European Schoolnet Academy

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