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Label, Advertise, Recycle

How raising awareness in children may have an impact on the outer world.

School is a microcosm. Indeed, it produces many talents, but, as many other human activities, it may leave behind considerable amounts of waste. At Ha’ela school, Modiín, students were encouraged to develop deeper awareness of the environmental impact of their school. Experts from the local municipality were invited by the teachers to take part in the project and divulgate their expertise to the students, whose response revealed particular interest.

Not only by estimating the quantity of waste produced by the school, but also by studying its qualities and classifying them, the student had the chance to find a new purpose for any refuse before it could be thrown away. They designed labels to make the recycling rules more accessible and transformed the bins into the starting point of the refuse’s new life. Through the use of posters and handbills, they advertised the initiative to their peers, who could, in turn, make their own contribution.

The cooperation with the external guests, however, did not end just after giving their instructions. In fact, students were also inspired by their visit to the regional landfill and waste management facilities, while at Bloomfield Science Museum they learned about how new technologies are applied in waste sorting. After the students had been able to free their creativity and take the initiative to proceed independently with their work, the school science fair represented the perfect occasion to reach a greater public. The local municipality, along with the parents, took part in the event and were captured by the results exposed by the students. The external partners commented:

we were impressed with the level of research and creativity shown by the students in tackling the issue of littering. They demonstrated a deep understanding of the problem and developed an innovative solution that could be replicated in other schools and communities’.

Now a sustainable oasis, at Ha’ela school creativity can bloom.

Photograph: studying sensors during the trip at Bloomfield Science Museum.

Pictures credit: Ha’ela school.