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Exploring Science Wonders: Make it Open in Rochdale

On June 2, 2023, eight schools in Rochdale (UK) met for a day of dynamic Open Schooling activities under the Make it Open project within the context of the Great Science Share partnership event. The Falinge High School pupils presented their ‘Magnificent Moss’ learning scenario and discovered further activities and interactive experiments from students of other schools – covering an array of scientific topics including principles of flight, sound, plants, and solubility.

This first-hand experience served as a great inspiration for educators eager to discover innovative ways to engage students in the marvels of science. Feedback from participating pupils was overwhelmingly positive, with enthusiasm evident in their discoveries — from optical illusions to the microscopic wonders of moss and the realm of plants.

The Make it Open activities in Rochdale go beyond mere STEAM learning scenarios and represent a transformative catalyst for science education. As teachers delve into the outcomes of this venture, the hope is to ignite ideas and enthusiasm for integrating similar innovative methodologies into their classrooms. These activities empower educators to provide the next generation of scientists with the tools, curiosity, and passion needed to shape the future of scientific discovery.

Watch the full video of the activities:

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Film by Rose Edomdson, Teacher of Science, UK.

In partnership with Forth, Open Schooling Hub, UK.