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Open STEM Learning

The Make it Open project coordinator,  the Bloomfield Science Museum of Jerusalem, has recently released a new video dedicated to open STEM learning.

As part of the Make it Open project, in Israel, IASA Secondary School and Nativ Zvulun Elementary School involved their students in an entire week of excursions. The week focused on a specific topic, but each day this was explored from a different angle. Students had the opportunity to learn in different locations and through various approaches. They could experience waste management problems in an Environmental Education Center and plan their own waste reduction projects learning how to reduce waste as a community. Other activities included lectures and experiments at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem and revolved around renewable energy and brain biology.

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These hands-on activities motivate students to be more active and boost their interest in STEM learning, encouraging them to take action and make change. Teachers, on their end, are increasingly driven to integrate such interactive activities into their programme and adopt an interdisciplinary approach by also involving the family and other stakeholders.

This way, the Make it Open project transforms schools into learning labs in and for the community around STEM education. Schools become actors of community well-being, serving the community with the great educational and developmental resources they own and create.