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Pre-Conference Workshop at the Ecsite 2023 Conference: Science Organisations as Open Schooling Initiators

In the pre-conference workshop hosted by the Make it Open project at the Ecsite 2023 conference in Malta, educators from science museums and non-formal learning spaces came together to explore the transformative potential of Open Schooling. This innovative educational approach focuses on fostering collaborations between schools and communities to address local challenges, contribute to community development, and nurture global citizenship.

During the workshop, participants dove into the Open Schooling approach, learning how to establish open educational programs and gaining insights from experts in the field. They were introduced to Make it Open’s Learning Scenarios (LS) through a hands-on activity where participants explored the phases, dimensions and criteria of the LS. Another valuable resource presented was the Navigator, an online platform available in multiple languages, providing essential learning materials for Open Schooling transitions.

Photograph: Maya Halevy, Director of the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem and Israeli hub leader.

The workshop also featured case clinics, allowing professionals to grapple with real-world challenges faced when implementing new educational programs and working with teachers. Speakers included Nina Berglund (Sweden), Anna-Karin Gidmark Rohlin and Students (Sweden), and Michael Shneider and Navit Huri (Israel), which hosted interactive Q&A sessions. By the workshop’s end, participants had acquired practical skills and tools to navigate their own Open Schooling journeys.

Photograph: group activities during the pre-conference workshop.

Overall the workshop was a success, participants left with a comprehensive understanding of Open Schooling, the ability to draft action plans for their institutions, and the confidence to bring the principles of Open Schooling to life. This workshop represented a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of education, empowering educators to foster collaboration, community engagement, and global citizenship while enhancing their professional expertise.