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Sárvár’s Scientific Revolution: Schools Leading the Way

In the town of Sárvár, 47° 15′ 0″ N, 16° 56′ 0″ E, Planet Earth, a remarkable transformation has taken place within its primary and secondary schools. These establishments have reinvented themselves as cutting-edge science laboratories, brimming with state-of-the-art equipment. The very essence of these schools now revolves around their innovative laboratories, where young minds embark on exciting scientific journeys.

The journey towards scientific excellence has been navigated differently by these two schools, primarily due to the distinct age groups they cater to. The primary school students eagerly embraced a programme carefully crafted by their dedicated teachers and supportive parents. Meanwhile, the high school students embarked on a quest to rediscover their passion for applied science.

The younger students, following the engaging Physics Everywhere Learning Scenario, embarked on their scientific adventure with limited prior knowledge of physics. At the Tinodis Lab and the Mobilis Experience Centre, they delved into the world of physics through unique activities such as an egg-throwing experiment that introduced them to accident prevention concepts. Additionally, they explored elementary physics principles in a fun, hands-on manner. According  to one of the young scientists involved, the ‘best experiment was they drove a nail into Nati’s head…’: obviously, thanks to the accident prevention study, this turned out unsuccessful.

Photograph: primary school students being introduced to the physics of playing.

In contrast, the secondary school students chose to immerse themselves in the captivating realm of Energy Research. Having already encountered this subject in their classrooms, approaching it from the perspectives of physics, biology, and chemistry, they were eager to see its real-world applications. At Mobilis, they witnessed their knowledge come to life as they studied turbine models in-depth. Later, they replicated these models by constructing their own rotors and meticulously measuring voltage and current values, skillfully applying the protocols they had learned during their educational journey.

Photograph: secondary school students designing the turbine.

The results of these exhilarating scientific endeavours are regularly unveiled to the world through an open Facebook group. Utilising a combination of visually appealing presentations and interactive content, the local community is kept informed about the exciting discoveries emanating from this thriving science hub.

In the heart of Hungary, these two schools have not only transformed into havens of scientific exploration but have also ignited a newfound curiosity for science among their students. As they continue to share their discoveries with the world, one can’t help but be captivated by the boundless potential that lies within the realm of science, waiting to be unlocked by these bright young minds.

Pictures credit: Nádasdy Tamás Primary School and Vas Megyei Szakképzési Centrum Sárvár Tinódi High School.