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Welcome to Open Schooling in Action

9 European projects on open schooling and education outside the classroom, among them Make it Open, decided to join their effort to spread the word about new science learning and teaching approaches. We, the people behind the Open Schooling together, are located in 33 different countries, but all working towards the same goal. We believe that education systems should change to foster the competencies that modern societies and economies (will) need and to align the research and innovation processes to societal values, needs and expectations

It is with this belief in mind that we launched our very first newsletter, intended at anybody who is genuinely interested in science education and curious about new approaches and methodologies to connect schools to research, innovation and society.
In this newsletter edition, Open Schooling together had the pleasure to interview Mrs Karen Slavin, big proponent of open schooling, to understand better the context and the bigger picture where open schooling and related projects fit. We also briefly describe how each project is approaching the Open Schooling concept.

Have a glimpse at it.
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