Make it Open Hubs

Systemic change in education can only be achieved with a multi-stakeholder approach. With this in mind, Make it Open formed national hubs in 10 countries to introduce Open Schooling through maker education. 150+ schools in Greece, Hungary, Israel, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the UK embarked on this journey during the school year 2022/2023.

Hubs acted as educational incubator encouraging schools to transform schools into open schooling environments and spaces of community wellbeing. Using their wide existing networks and professional connections, the hubs helped schools in forming diverse partnerships with parent organisations, non-formal science education organisations, maker spaces, civil society, enterprises, research labs, local authorities, etc. The hubs offered training, meetups and bootcamps to take over the Make it Open tools: Learning scenarios, Open Schooling navigator and Open schooling information packs.

Hubs are mostly led by science centres and museums as well as other non-formal learning organisations. Take a look at our About section for more details about them.


Make it Open created a Massive Open Online Course for teachers across Europe to help them choose and build their own open schooling learning scenarios using maker education as the central piece. Offered in English, the MOOC connects experienced teachers with interested educators through webinars, online chats, reflection interviews and videos on open schooling implementation. The course is available on the European Schoolnet Academy platform, the first European platform offering high-quality free courses for primary and secondary school teachers.

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Open Schooling competition

To encourage educators and teachers to adopt the Open Schooling approach, Make it Open organised an online competition rewarding the most creative and innovative Open Schooling implementation. The 7 most innovative practices were awarded with a trip to attend European schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab training event in Brussels.

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