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MiO Toolkit – Promo Package

Are you a teacher, a non-formal educator, or a school stakeholder and want to contribute to the dissemination of the MiO Toolkit? Check out the Promo Package and discover how you can open schooling even more!

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Report on the operation of 10 hubs

This report outlines the monitoring methods and tools for the 10 national Open schooling hubs in – Greece, Hungary, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the UK.  To encourage the uptake of the Make it Open methodology, the hubs provide mentorship to 150 schools in Europe and beyond during the school year of 2022/2023, these activities and strategies are recorded here. Lastly, we summarize the teacher training, support activities and strategies, indicators and next steps.

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Maintenance and sustainability of the Open Schooling Navigator

The purpose of this report is to provide a plan on the operation and usability of the Open Schooling Navigator (OSN) and how to keep it up-to-date for future usage. Additionally, we briefly describe the user experience of the OSN with print-screen images. We summarize the creation process, the use so far and the effort we made to research opportunities for maintenance of the OSN beyond Make it Open.

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Make it Open Schooling MOOC

Whether you are a course participant, a Ministry of Education, or a network organisation in the educational field: we welcome your support in spreading the message on the Make it Open Schooling free online course. Find all materials combined in a promotional pack which includes visuals, and suggested social media messages.

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Start here: open schooling information packs

These information packs developed by the Make it Open team gives teachers and school leaders information on open schooling, the benefits of such a practice and how one can begin exploring open schooling practices within their school/community.

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Strategic plan for Open Schooling Hubs

This document acts as a strategy allowing us to consolidate interesting methods and steps to build 10 Hubs across Europe becoming spaces to help transform schools into spaces of community wellbeing, and support them in forming diverse partnerships with external partners.

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Recommendations, insights and reports

This report shares the main findings and recommendations focus on the practical application of research results from the pilot phase of the project: the development of the Learning Scenarios, the implementation of the Learning Scenarios in the classroom, the content analysis of the Learning Scenarios, and Participants attitudes, and actions.

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Set of digital downloadable templates

This report contains an overview of the user tests and co-creative decision making process that informs the improvements in existing functionality and which tools or templates to create next, a description of tools anticipated to offer users and a visualisation of the connections between the various outcomes/products and services Make it Open is creating.

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Preliminary plan for each learning scenario

This report includes a description of the topic selection and development process for 16 Learning Scenarios, as well as a brief description of each one.

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Navigator clickable prototype and test report

This report explains two things: the creation process of the prototype of the Open Schooling Navigator  and the user tests, for which we use this prototype, including preliminary results.

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Content framework with defined requirements and parameters

This report provides the content framework for the Open Schooling Navigator: principles, interactive creation process, parameters and requirements for its development.

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What is open schooling?

Open learning and open schooling are broad terms which describe learning which is ‘open’ in terms of timing, location, teaching roles, instructional methods, modes of access, and any other factors related to learning processes. Most schools already do some level of open learning, through off site trips, on site visits and remote learning. This paper accounts for the process of using Service Design methods to characterise the main features of open schooling and create a set of ‘user centred delivery templates’; a set of templates which can help any educator to structure an open schooling project or programme.

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Template and Criteria for Learning Scenarios

Make it Open sets up a unified template for learning scenarios: a supportive framework for teachers, allowing them to try out an open schooling approach by giving them content, tools, and context. Unlike traditional pedagogical methods, our learning scenarios are based on open schooling dimensions- they used varied physical settings, modified teaching roles, and unique learning formats to promote a richer, more open, learning experience.

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Set of user centered delivery templates

Make it open started its journey by researching, selecting, and reframing the dimensions of open schooling through workshops mapping users experiences of and ambitions for open schooling and desktop research capturing current practices. From this initial research, different open schooling dimensions were identified and explored, and used as the basis for developing user centered delivery templates that can help educators create tailored learning experiences which match their own school needs and resources.

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Proof of concept Methodology

This report describes the research methodology adopted by the Make it Open project to evaluate its learning approach and demonstrate its feasibility and viability in a small-scale setting before moving to a larger scale.

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Communication, dissemination and sustainability plan

This report describes the communication and dissemination strategy adopted by the Make it Open project to disseminate the project's results, outcomes and good practices.

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