A gateway to open schooling where schools become key community actors and students perceive themselves as change makers.

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The Open Schooling Policy Brief Released!

The Policy Brief outlines a roadmap for the future, recognising the challenges and opportunities ahead. It sketches the need for coordinated, multi-year, and multi-country efforts to establish this new educational ecosystem. This report, shaped by experts, policymakers, and educators, delves into Open Schooling and its potential to contribute to an improved learning experience and greater engagement among young students.

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Open Schooling Navigator

Made by and for science educators, the Open Schooling Navigator is available in 10 languages! This online platform developed by Make it Open contains all the resources needed to help schools transition into a more open school. Whatever their experience is, the Open Schooling Navigator gets educators up and running in no-time to try out or expand their Open Schooling practices.

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Make it Open stories from the ground

Over the 2022/2023 school year, the 10 Make it Open hubs embarked on a transformative Open Schooling adventure, collaborating with 150+ schools across Europe and beyond.
Explore how teachers, students, and community members have brought to life innovative Learning Scenarios!

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Make it Open is a member of the Open Schooling together network, a collaboration between 15+ EU-funded projects on Open Schooling and science education outside the classroom. Discover the latest tools, best practices, research outcomes, and upcoming events by following OStogether on Twitter and Facebook and by registering to the Open Schooling together newsletter.

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MiO Toolkit – Promo Package

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Make it Open Schooling MOOC

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What is open schooling?

Open learning and open schooling are broad terms which describe learning which is ‘open’ in ...

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